Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro Review


What is up everybody! I am feeling great, are you guys feeling great? This is the first post on my computer and consumer electronics blog of 2017, and it promise it will be amazing! To make sure of that, I went out (not physically) and found this used for sale ad online, and I got one! I managed to get one of the Galaxy TabPro S models specifically, and it is so cool! I am actually writing my post on the Tab instead of on my behemoth computer sitting a couple feet away. This is the best tablet I have used since the original Ipad, and I think anyone who uses it will say the same.


  Samsung Galaxy TabPRO S 128 GB laptop style


Comparing to Other Tablets

The Galaxy TabPro S has been for some time and remains to be the number one selling Windows tablet worldwide. WIth its stellar screen and long battery life this seems to be a very good replacement to the aging Surface 3 tablets that Microsoft pushed so much. The price point may be a little higher, especially compared to competing tablets like the Huawei MateBook. It may be a little late to get yourself a new Galaxy with all the other two-in-one tablets coming out but if you can find a used one, grab it.


What is the Galaxy Pro?

2016 somehow rapidly turned from a beater to a convertible for electronics, from Kindles to virtual reality. We have seen some snazzy looking tablet-come-laptop, from the Apple Ipad Pro to the previously mentioned MateBook from Huawei. So why should you pay attention to the Galaxy Tab, a device that when you first look it over looks identical to every Intel Core M Windows 10 piece to come out in the past year. Since getting my hands on one however, I can assure you that this device is one of the most interesting convertible I have driven all year.


  Samsung TabPro Tablet Style



Samsung has not been strong in the design portion of their mobile devices lately. Usually their brand opening includes shiny plastic cases that look like they would break against a corner. The company has managed to recently break this trend with its smartphones, with true beauty in the shape of the Galaxy S7. The TabPro S seems to be the first wave of Samsung tablets with this new design philosophy and I am loving it. The 12 inch Gorilla Glass front and the slight feeling of rubber on the back plate are all sitting in a neat and tidy metal frame. Essentially, it looks like a tablet version of the S7 which more companies need to do.



The tablet was designed to be used in landscape mode, not silly portrait mode. This may be an issue if you plan to use to tablet to replace your e-reader but makes it much better for the keyboard. The keyboard is actually bundled with the device, which is a huge deal as most competing devices sell the keyboard separately for up to $120. That means that this is one of the only two-in-ones that can perform as a tablet and as a laptop straight out of the box. The keyboard also helps with portability instead of hindering, as you can use the ultra-thin keyboard as a screen cover when closed meaning that it can be thrown right into your bag without worry.


  Galaxy TabPro S Closed Screen


Laptop Replacement

Since purchasing this tablet, I have brought it to and from the office with me as a replacement for my work laptop and it has worked wonders. Not only has it survived all its meeting with strange items (including train doors and desk corners) unscathed, but it has been able to perform all the duties I needed it to. The only issue I have found is connectivity. The Galaxy TabPro S has only a single USB type-C charging port, and that's all folks. No SD port, micro-display, USB 3.0 or anything like that. This can make some very simple tasks infuriating, such as transferring a file or hooking up to a scanner. The AMOLED display is beautiful however, with it receiving 10/10 scores from many major reviewers.


So that is my review of the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, I hope you liked it. I realize this may be outside the price point of many readers, so look out for used ones. Check out my latest post on 3D gaming, take it easier everyone.