Why Should I buy a Kindle?

Why Should I buy a Kindle?

Why Should I Buy a Kindle?

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Following our previous article on SatNav, today I thought I’d touch on electronics again and write a little about the benefits of using an e-reader.  These days, almost as many people who have smartphones, smart watches, smart glasses and the like also have some sort of super smart tablet in their hand-held arsenal. Tablets have become so ‘smart’ of late that for many, the general need for a laptop has become redundant.  The humble Kindle, by contrast, couldn’t be more at the opposite end of the scale in terms of highly sophisticated technology. 

But would you believe me if I told you that there is every reason to buy a Kindle over a tablet?  Of course you wouldn’t, but it should at least spark your interest as to why I would make such a claim.  The short answer is simple: if you’re a keen reader then you should buy a Kindle.  Now you may scoff and think ‘I’ll just load the Kindle app on my super-tablet, choose a book and away we go.’  You would be absolutely right

of course, but I would add that for any avid reader, it’s just not quite the same.

Kindle vs tablet

 If by chance you’re not familiar with a Kindle, it’s basically an electronic reader (an e-reader) released by Amazon. It uses wireless Internet to allow you browse, select and download reading material (books, newspapers and magazines that are in digital format). The device itself lightweight, portable and of a similar size to a regular paperback book.

In recent years, there has been much debate among readers over using a Kindle (or e-readers in general) versus a traditional paperback book.  Both sides of the argument are equally valid, but the real readers, the die-hard readers would always refuse to back down.  They chose a paperback book.  Hands down.  Every time.  And it’s for this reason that my point earlier stands.  In the arena of the tech-savvy, it’s the tech-savvy die-hard readers who want to read e-books, that will always go for the Kindle.  And here’s why:


Built for Purpose 

They are purpose-built for reading.  Merely investing in a Kindle and having it in your bag or close by will naturally encourage you to read more, and because using a Kindle is so ridiculously simple, you’ll find yourself picking it up and engaging more often than you think.  And that’s exactly what you’ll be doing: reading.  No annoying interruptions, bleeps or popup messages from other apps.  Just reading.

Reading Experience

They’re a whole lot easier on your eyes.  Unlike your smartphone or other backlit LCD screen, the Kindle uses a revolutionary e-ink that is designed to perfectly resemble the page of text in a real book, it’s also a lot less strenuous on your eyes, thus in turn gives you a real reading experience  


Modern Kindles can hold around 4GB worth of information which roughly translates to somewhere in the region of 3,500 books. As I mentioned earlier these can be instantly browsed and downloaded online from the comfort of your sofa, transferred directly from your computer in bulk or simply shared among friends.  But think about it, the ability to carry thousands of books in a single device that weighs hardly anything is truly remarkable.  You can literally carry your entire book collection around with you


A Kindle can store books for general pleasure, reference material, pdf documents, business documents, user manuals and all kinds of reading material, all on a single device that fits easily into a backpack, briefcase bag or purse.  That’s a lot of information to have conveniently on hand at any time. 

Battery Life

The original Kindle (no backlight) had an incredible 30 hour battery life, which equated to roughly 7,500 page turns.  Naturally the more modern variants aren’t as enduring as features and add-ons have improved significantly over the years.


Bookmarks, text highlighting and full search features are available on all versions of Kindles, and all allow bookmarks and note-taking from within the screen.  The Kindle also remembers point up to where you last read so even after power off the Kindle resumes the last page you visited.


Starting at around $60 for the basic model, the Kindle is completely affordable and for the simple enjoyment that it gives, is well worth the investment.

Amazon Kindle

For cheaper alternatives there are many professional websites offering second hand Kindles, so it’s wise to shop around if you’re on a budget. 

There are around five models of Kindle available, each with more sophistication and features than the one before it.  In addition to this, they are all fully interchangeable with one another, so transferring content from one Kindle to another is as simple as reading a book on it. 

Anyway, that’s about all for today.  I hope you found this useful.  Until next time..